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Unleash Breakneck Trading

Stock exchange centres, brokers and BFSI companies believe that ‘time is money. Thus, they are keener than ever before to stay securely linked to process market data in real-time. This is where we come in with Ultra-LOLA. You can now take advantage of the ultra-low latency in your trading to achieve maximised provides a stable point-to-point leased line, Ultra-LOLA is equipped to change the trading game with state-of-the-art technology, less than 200 microseconds latency, and notably reduced transaction costs.

Benefits of Using Ultra LOLA Service from Tata Tele

In today’s times when speed is everything, businesses can’t allow latency to cost them their revenue or growth. They harness spot trading opportunities in real-time for a productive and competitive outcome leveraging technology.
Latency of <200 Microseconds
Inbuilt Security
No Downtime Concerns
Maximise Profitability
Flexible Rental Plans
Dedicated Bandwidth
Symmetric Internet - Same upload and download speeds
Multiple Scalable Bandwidth Options upto 1 Gbps

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