ILL Burstable Bandwidth

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Bandwidth that bursts to fit your need

Every business today requires a scalable and optimal-performance connectivity, especially during events that lead to traffic spikes and demand overwhelms capacity. The need of the hour then is a flexible and cost-effective solution to scale bandwidth as required and to ensure optimal network connectivity without latency issues. This is where TTBS ILL Burstable Bandwidth solution comes in. It not just compensates for the unpredictability of peak bandwidth requirement, but also ensures zero latency and seamless connectivity.

Benefits of Using ILL Burstable Bandwidth from Tata Tele Business Services

ILL Burstable Bandwidth offers flexible connectivity for short-term bursts of activity at no additional costs
Burst = Up to 2X of committed bandwidth
Scalable bandwidth capacity of 50 Mbps
Flat rate as well as 95th percentile usage-based billing
24/7 fast, prioritised technical support
Access web portal for management and customised usage report
Cost effective: Flexible, optimal and cost-efficient bandwidth plan

Got Questions?

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Burstable bandwidth also acts as a flexible connectivity solution with which the bandwidth offered by an ISP can be boosted to address peak periods of usage ie unexpected bandwidth demand.
Burstable bandwidth billing follows the 95th percentile methodology, wherein the 95th percentile usage value is calculated based on bandwidth used over 5-minute period - which is measured at connection point at 5-minute intervals over a one-month period.
Advance bill for fixed bandwidth and usage bill as per billing frequency.
No, burstable bandwidth will always be higher than fixed bandwidth. For example, fixed will be 10 Mbps and burstable BW will be 50 Mbps.

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