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Never Miss a Call Again with our Powerful Voice Solution

Businesses today look for tested and reliable interface solutions to transmit voice and data in a cost-effective manner.Businesses need communications solutions which are simple to integrate, scalable and save costs. Our industry first SLA-backed SIP trunk solution is ana dvanced voice connectivity product,with the best-in-class IP service which replaces traditional multiple fixed PSTN lines with a single physical linl that can support up to 1500 simultaneous calls.

Benefits of Using SIP Trunk from Tata Tele

Scale you business communications up or down with our easy to deploy advanced voice connectivity solution
Single Link Scalability with 20-1500 Simultaneous Calls
Single Link Replacement of Traditional Multiple Fixed PSTN Lines
Increase and Decrease Call Capacity in Multiples of 10
Flexible DID Range to Meet Scalability Requirements
Auto-Failover Option Available
Interface Ethernet: 30 Minimum Number of Channels

Got Questions?

Find your answers right here.
We offer up to 1500 channels on a single trunk
Yes, CUG, national pooling and local pooling options are available with SIP Trunk services
SBC stands for Session Border Controller
SIP provides easy and quick scalability with no additional infra addition
TTBS introduced SIP Trunking in India
TTBS is the market leader in private service providers in SIP Trunk
Minimum 30 channels can be offered with any SIP plan
SIP stands for "Session Internet Protocol"
Calls to US and Canada can be made @Rs 1.99 per minute post opting for US Canada ILD addon Pack @Rs 2500/month
3 DIDs are offered per SIP channel
Yes, unlimited plans options are available, leave your contact details we will reach out to you
Yes, through channel on demand option channel upgrade can be done for short duration
Yes, we do offer bundling of IP converters and IPPBX with SIP Trunk
Free call value gets lapsed if not consumed by the customer in the same month
Standard ILD tariff can be checked at TTL website
We can offer up to 3 DIDs with every 100 channels with telemarketer SIP

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